Dangerous Amazon car seats withdrew from the market

The seats considered ‘potentially lethal’ were sold on Amazon at a price from 5 to 37 euros. No more sales, but someone had bought them.

With the entry into force of the obligation of anti-abandonment seats in this period, there is a lot of attention on the issue of safety in cars especially for children, yet it is these days the news of the sale of dangerous and non-compliant car seats on Amazon.

So, if in addition to complying with the purchase of the anti-abandonment device – for which you can request the bonus of 30 euros – you also need to buy a car seat for your children, make sure that it respects all the homologation rules and is among the more valid.

In fact, on Amazon UK, dangerous and ‘potentially lethal’ seats have been found for sale, offered at bargain prices ranging from 3.99 pounds (about 5 euros) to 30.99 pounds, which is equivalent to about 37 euros.

These are certainly cheap car seats, but the highest price is the lack of safety for children.

The seats withdrawn

Amazon replied that these were dangerous seats offered for sale by third parties, but took steps to take them back. It should be noted that, even if they were offered for sale on Amazon UK, they could have been purchased by anyone outside England and therefore also in Italy.

Four brands are involved, even if the details are unknown, and dangerous seats have been discovered by a BBC Panorama investigation.

And it is not the first time: even in 2014 Amazon had to withdraw from the IVF insurance market the seats indicated as dangerous, which then returned to the e-commerce platform, and in 2019 some high chairs sold on Amazon did not have the homologation label. , which is mandatory.

The approvals in force are the UN ECE 44 and the UN ECE R129 and the label that the seat must have is orange, with various information reported, such as the name of the company that produced the seat, for which weight range and/or height is following the law, the lot number, the country that has granted the approval and more.

Have you bought a car seat on Amazon?

Amazon said it had identified and removed the offending car seats from sale and contacted customers who purchased them. In any case, if you have recently purchased a car seat on Amazon UK and paid between 5 and 37 euros for it, it is better if you replace it immediately with a compliant one and ask for a refund for your purchase.