The 10 Best Tips on Hosting a Successful Midnight Bingo

Midnight Bingo is quite possibly the most fun and enjoyable way to spend a youth group event.

Spirits are high, friendships are made and memories will be created that’ll never be forgotten.

The truth is it can also be incredibly stressful! You’ve got just one night to pull it all together, so you’ll want as much as possible to go as smoothly as possible… here we have listed 10 of our top tips for hosting an epic Midnight Bingo!

1: Start planning early! As soon as you know the date and location book your activities team in for a trial run or two beforehand so they get used to the equipment and feel comfortable with what’s expected of them before the big day. This should give you enough time to iron out any issues too ☺

2: Try and keep the numbers lower than you think! Midnight bingo is loud, very loud. There’s no way of getting around it, bingo calls are really hard to ignore especially when there are hundreds of people all shouting them at once lol.

3: Keep an eye on how many prizes you have leftover! You want your prize table overflowing with great stuff but leave some space for those who might win more than one game tonight. Nobody likes to walk away empty-handed… And remember… The more prizes you have the better your turnout will be; so make sure your church hall isn’t bare beforehand!

4: Set clear roles for leaders working on the night. This will make sure everyone knows what is expected of them and hopefully avoid any unnecessary tension or arguments on the night!

5: If your bingo kit is included in the cost, don’t forget to collect it beforehand! Nothing worse than arriving at bingo with nothing but a pen! We’ve heard horror stories about youth groups having to retreat back home for bingo kits when they were all ready to play bingo… don’t let that happen to you!

6: Location, location, location. You want somewhere accessible so people can come and go easily without disturbing others. If possible try and book somewhere with private exits too so nobody gets locked out… Not only would this be embarrassing but security issues are more likely if the bingo hall is open to the public.

7: Make sure people are aware of bingo etiquette! No bingo calls during bingo calls, only one bingo call should be made at a time by one person. Other players should never jump in or shout out bingo in case they miss something important… Also if your game requires multiple bingos before you win then make sure you tell people about it beforehand so there’s no confusion later on! And finally, nobody likes having their bingos shouted over so do try and keep them down to a dull roar when necessary 😉

8: Try and get through all numbers in the last few games fast to save time for any announcements you might make afterward plus everybody will be itching to get home too lol

9: Get a bingo caller who knows what they’re doing! Whether that’s someone from your youth group or an experienced bingo caller from outside. It’d be hard to have a bingo hall full of enthusiastic bingo callers, so it might be worth having some bingo callers on hand just in case.

10: Have fun! Make sure you get plenty of photos and video clips to look back on in the future; this is one bingo night that’ll never happen again! So make sure you record it for prosperity.