Keyword Research: Using Free Keyword Tools

Keyword research is a must when determining what keywords should you use for your website. There are many different ways to do research and many different software tools that will do research for you. I will show you how I use Google, Google AdWords keyword tools, and Word Tracker keyword tools. Let’s start.

Using the Google AdWords keyword tool is quite straight forward there are eight different categories that you can display. I only use four of them they are keywords, competition, global monthly search, and local monthly search categories. This will give you the basics on what keywords are being searched for and how many times your keyword is sought every month. For example if you type “free SEO tool” it will show you that moderate and moderate competition is 12,100 times globally per month and 4,400 times local per month. You will want to open Excel or a different spread sheet to write these numbers next to each of your keywords.

We will remain with the keyword “free SEO tool”. Let’s destroy the next competition to see how many websites really use this keyword phrase. So, how do we do this? It’s time to go to Google and type our keyword phrases. First, we will type it in the search bar and see how many websites are displayed in the results area (13,700,000) you will want to write this number. Then you will want to find a keyword phrase again but this time put the quotation around it so it must look exactly like this: “free SEO tool” then press Enter again. This will show how many websites use the right keyword phrases in the results (4,390,000). We will write this number too. This shows us exactly how much competition there.

Long tail keyword phrases will tend to have less competition but there are also not as much as they do every month. For long tail keywords I will tend to look for global search around 10,000 and less a month with no more than 50,000 websites that compete in search engine results and no more than 10,000 websites that compete with their quotes. There is no science behind numbers or magic equations I just feel easier to rank higher for these keywords. It can take time at first but it will be easier when you go. Remember the long tail keyword is a very targeted individual this is where you can make a lot of money if you have done your homework.

When I use wider keywords, I will tend to stick around 25,000 global monthly searches sometimes higher if the competition is low. I don’t usually care about the competition I just want to get an article out there. You can use the competition column in the Google AdWords keyword tool to see if competition is high. I will avoid competing keywords until you have established yourself in your niche.

Word tracker tools will help you understand how many searches you will get every day and it will show other keywords that are relevant to what you are looking for. This can be very helpful if your niche is related to trends such as holidays, sports, concerts, world events and so on. You can easily use this with any keywords though for example our keywords from “free SEO tools” previously have 635 searches so far you can take that number and multiply it with 30 and see the possibility of search results for that month. This will give you a better understanding of what your current market does.

After you compile the list of around 20 or more keywords, you can determine which one should you use first to write your content. I hope this article has helped you on how to do keyword research. Be sure to check my other article about SEO. They will show you how to maximize your keyword placement to rank higher in search engines. Thank you for reading my article.