Administrative stop: do you pay for car insurance?

Do you have to pay car insurance if your vehicle is under administrative detention? Let’s see what are the rules in the case of fiscal jaws.

The Topic Of This Post

The vehicles undergoing stationary car, by law can not circulate. But what happens to auto insurance? Do I still need to have a civil liability policy?

What is administrative detention?

Administrative detention is one of the actions that can be taken by the collection body, such as the Collection Agency, in the event of non-payment of one or more tax bills within the established deadlines.

This means that if you don’t pay for a file and own a car, you risk your registration with the PRA for administrative detention. However, the registration is not immediate since 60 days must pass from the notification of the folder, after which the agent sends a notice of 30 days before proceeding with the arrest.

To block or suspend the detention, you can do three things:

  • pay the full amount due;
  • initiate a request for payment by installments and pay the first installment once the extension has been obtained;
  • if you believe that the amount entered in the folder is not due, request relief and obtain it.

If you drive a vehicle subjected to the so-called fiscal jaws, another way of defining administrative detention, you risk:

  • fine from 774 to 3,105 euros;
  • driving license suspension from one to three months;
  • removal of the vehicle and transport to a specific place of custody;
  • payment of transport and storage costs.

Is car insurance paid in the event of administrative detention?

Were you unable to pay the folder or the possible installments for any reason? You must comply with the administrative detention and therefore you cannot travel with the vehicle you own on which the provision is registered.

What do you need to do with auto insurance at this point?

Surely you will have to pay the RC car if you keep the vehicle stationary but parked on the public road, since in this case it is believed to be in circulation anyway, and therefore it may be involved in some way in an accident. If you don’t renew your car insurance, you risk:

  • fine of € 866;
  • confiscation of the vehicle within 60 days, if you do not take out an insurance policy with coverage of at least six months.

Furthermore, the European Parliament has recently extended this obligation also to vehicles kept stationary in the garage, in the courtyard, or on private land. 

But you have to be careful, because there are already sentences of the Supreme Court that still require you to insure the car in any case and wherever it is kept, unless it is a piece of scrap that is unsuitable for circulation because, for example, it does not have an engine.

Finally, although you are insured, if you cause an accident with a car under arrest, your insurance company will not compensate the injured third parties or if it does it will have the right to recover from your assets, so the economic risks are added to the related ones. to the fine.