Corporate blog and insurance: 3 examples compared

Insurance and corporate blog. Until a few years ago, combining these two terms could seem at least particular. There seemed to be a contrast between an economic sector with a rather plastered language, on the one hand, and a new, much fresher, and more informal communication tool, on the other. Things have changed in a short time thanks to the advent of online comparators, more accustomed to communicating through an official blog, precisely for a matter of Internet DNA.

Hence a series of very interesting experiments, among which certainly deserves to be mentioned, a remarkable intersection between Content Marketing, Web Writing, and SEO: a project with which I had the pleasure of collaborating for a period, bringing my skills into the editorial board. Previously, although not strictly in the context of the creation of a corporate blog. Therefore, also based on these and other experiences, today I will talk about how to produce interesting content for operators in the insurance sector and beyond.   

I was saying: in a few years, the scenario has changed a lot. In an ecosystem made up of highly visible paid social content, which disappear as soon as the budget runs out, and very strict algorithms, it is necessary to become aware of the fact that companies must seriously start building a  medium and long-term communication strategy aimed at enhancing the quality content over time, and not only until it goes through a little ‘advertising budgets. Today I am talking about this type of strategy, based on a successful corporate blog, offering a brief analysis of three insurance blogs that I find interesting. But first, some necessary premises.

Why every business should start a corporate blog

The reasons that must push companies to open a corporate blog can be many. Putting them in order of importance is a bit challenging: each reality is different, as are its needs in a specific historical moment.

At a first level, these reasons can be:

  • communicate informally to get closer to the public
  • corroborate brand awareness 
  • offer added value to its customers
  • try to build customer loyalty by offering them timely information that solves specific problems
  • tell the company and its world transparently, aiming to gain credibility and trust.

How do get these results? Normally I am wary of pre-cooked recipes and definitive guides. However, it is equally true that the analysis of a specific sector can help to understand strengths and opportunities for improvement, as well as analyze the characteristics of communication focused on the company blog. As I said before, today we are talking about insurance blogs.

Comparison of examples of business blogs from the insurance sector

There is no shortage of prejudices against insurance companies: endless bureaucracy, contracts that are difficult to decipher if not directly real hijackers, cumbersome operations, little empathy on the part of the staff. These are just some of the not-so-positive concepts associated with the world of insurance.

With the advent of social networks, insurance companies have also begun to communicate more freely, to translate part of the information produced into an understandable language, to make it easier and more digestible by the public. In this context, the insurance blog has given enormous support to this progressive operation of the humanization of the company, configuring itself as the ideal means to use a simplermore direct, informal, and interesting language. Studying the best practices of today allows us to understand what may be the style exercises that insurance industry players have to take steps to get a little closer to their customers.

Generali’s blog (and stories)

Generali is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. The company specializes in both Life and Non-Life business.

The Generali blog is not external to the site but perfectly integrated into the platform. The button to access it is located at the most important point of the screen, next to the logo, and leads to the “Discovering ” section. The title of the blog “The stories” is a name that immediately refers to a corporate wealth that wants to emerge. I have to confess one thing: until the last moment, I was undecided whether to include  “Stories” in this list of company chase account blogs, or whether to do so for the sole purpose of producing a negative judgment. There is a detail that I do not like at all: I point it out at the bottom of this paragraph because I do not want to spoil the reading. Also because, in any case, “The stories” have some positive characteristics; I want to allow you to learn them without my opinion compromising your reading path in some way.

Among the objectives of this blog, we find:

  • The garrison of the channel as such
  • The enhancement of the products
  • The enhancement of the company philosophy
  • The promotion of a broad reflection on issues related to one’s business
  • The creation of an observatory on corporate social responsibility.