How to apply for a loan online

in a few simple steps

he online loan in a brief


you do everything via home banking, you don’t need to go to the branch


from home banking, ask for a loan when you have time


because saving time also means saving money


like a loan you get at the bank counter


you return it with an installment proportionate to your possibilities


you have up to € 30,000 to spend on your projects

Do you want to do some important expenses for you or your family, perhaps to replace the old car or to change the boiler? Do you dream of renovating your kitchen or bathroom, a little out of date? Do you want to change your career by attending a master’s degree or do you have to pay for your children’s off-site university?

For all this, a personal loan could be needed, that is a loan to be repaid in monthly installments within a certain term and to be spent freely, without the constraints of the finalized loan that you can request in a store, for example in a dealership. Due to all the commitments, you have, however, you are unable to make an appointment at the bank to speak with a consultant? The solution can be to apply for a loan online.

What is an online loan? It is a financing formula identical to the classic personal loan, which you make at the bank counter, as regards the requirements for requesting it and how it is granted by the credit institution. The difference is that you do everything online, without going to the branch. This means being able to follow the loan request when you can do so and where you are, without time limits and even without traffic, waits, and so on. So with the online personal loan, you save time and the financing becomes faster.

Do you have BPER Banca internet banking? You can apply for an online loan of up to € 30,000 directly from your Smart Web internet banking, which you access from your computer, or from Smart Mobile, the app you use with your mobile phone. And if you want information or clarifications on your online loan, you have the BPER Banca experts available through the online chat.

Again with internet banking (or home banking), once the online loan is in progress, you monitor the state of affairs: paid installments, residual debt, the division between principal and interest, expenses & bond charged, etc.

Here’s how to apply for a loan online from BPER’s home banking :

  • Go to the Mortgage and Loans section.
  • Select the Simulator, which accurately calculates the repayment installment of your loan.
  • Choose the loan amount and how quickly you prefer to repay it.
  • Make a requested loan.
  • Upload the necessary document files: for example, identity card, social security number, last two paychecks if you are an employee.

At this point, the bank evaluates your ability to repay the loan, based on the amount requested and the income, from work or retirement, that you prove to have. As with a traditional personal loan, your creditworthiness is also considered for an online loan, also given by “historical” credit information, in case you have previously requested financing. Once the bank has approved the loan, all you have to do is sign the loan agreement with the digital signature, which you activate at the moment.