Why Cloud Hosting is Recommended To Run Tally?

When the pandemic started in 2020, many organizations were a bit reluctant about the idea of remote working. They weren’t sure if the processes could be managed properly. They also doubted whether the employees would deliver their best. In fact, there has been an infectious growth in the usage of Tally on the cloud.

Now that so much time has passed, the businesses have realized it isn’t that challenging. A lot of businesses now encourage work-from-home options to save their resources. The employees, on the other hand, love the flexibility that comes with this option.

It was earlier a misconception that only IT, digital marketing, design, management, and other such departments can work remotely.

Thanks to Tally on cloud, even the accounting department now works from remote locations seamlessly.

What is Tally on Cloud?

In the subsequent section, we have discussed why you should also consider switching to it. Before that, let’s understand what exactly Tally on cloud is. It refers to the use of Tally online without any need to download software on your computer.

Benefits of Tally on Cloud

As promised, we will now talk about all the major advantages of using Tally on the cloud.

Cloud is more secure

When you install accounting software on your computer, you need to upgrade it regularly. Not doing so can result in compromise with safety. There are also chances of data leakages if the data is kept in computer systems.

You get rid of all such challenges when using online accounting software. The makers of such programs upgrade it automatically with the best safety and security standards. They use the latest encryption technologies to avoid the possibility of data leakage.

You save time and money

The businesses require proper infrastructure to set up the accounting software and perform data exchange. You need not worry about such challenges with cloud technology. Data exchange and other processes take place on a virtual setup, saving you plenty of time and money.

Almost everyone can start using Tally from the comfort of their homes. They don’t require special assistance to install the software in their systems.

Suits small businesses

Even if you are a small business with tiny accounting requirements, you have to spend a full amount to buy the software. This isn’t the case with cloud technology. You can get the service on a per-user basis. And that costs you less than Rs. 500 with certain service providers.

Also suits large organizations

Large organizations with huge accounting requirements can get Tally on a dedicated server. This comes with large virtual storage space and RAM to suit the operations of big organizations. There’s no worry of disk crashes or similar issues. In spite of these features, the solution remains budget-friendly.

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Use it from anywhere, anytime

Your team member sitting in his/her home town can access the cloud-based Tally software. And he/she can do so using his Mac or Windows computer system. Businesses that don’t want to worry about server management can opt for mobile applications of this software.

The best part is that most of the service providers offer daily backup of your data. This means you need not worry about data losses during unexpected situations.

Choosing the right Tally on cloud service provider

Although there are many companies offering Tally on the cloud, you need to do some research to choose the right one. Here are a few quick tips to help you in the process:

  • Check the popularity of the service: If the company has just started offering the service, you should avoid choosing it. Go for the one that has been in the business for a long duration.
  • Ensure it is approved by Tally developers: The service you are choosing must have been approved by the Tally Solutions team for running on Cloud in Linux environment.
  • Do they manage it for you: A reliable company provides you with a technical expert that manages day-to-day operations for you. This ensures your entire team, including the new employees, feels more comfortable using it.
  • Compare the prices: Many companies charge a lot when offering cloud solutions for Tally. Avoid paying too much by comparing the prices of the different service providers.
  • Easily downloadable & printable reports: You should be able to download the reports without any hassle. Plus, you should be able to print the report you want using your local computer.

The Bottom Line: If you purchase your Tally on the cloud from the right company, you will enjoy all the benefits that we have discussed above. It is believed that dependency on on-premises will be negligible across the globe in the upcoming years. It is also believed that the systems will get stronger and more advanced to support the accounting ecosystem.