Why subscribe to Amazon Prime? All the advantages

Amazon Prime: single subscription and many additional services. Here is the complete guide with information on costs and benefits for users.

Amazon Prime is the Amazon service famous all over the world for the possibility of receiving fast shipments on millions of products for sale on e-commerce. However, what many ignore is that the benefits are not limited only to the fast delivery service, but you can also receive a wide range of benefits all included in the Prime membership, which we remember has a 30-day free trial and then a cost. of € 3.99 / month or € 36 / year (equivalent to € 3 / month), at the user’s choice.

The advantages of subscribing to Amazon Prime include:

  • Access to Prime Video, where you can watch all of the platform’s movies and TV series for free, such as The Boys, Good Omens, and Carnival Row, and the best Wednesday night UEFA Champions League matches.
  • Access to Prime Gaming, the online platform that allows you to download and play full indie games for free, unlock extra content and features on hundreds of video games (such as GTA Online, FIFA 22, League of Legends, etc.), and the ability to subscribe free every month to a Twitch channel among partner streamers.
  • Free access to  Amazon Music Prime to stream a selection of around 2 million songs and hundreds of playlists for free, ad-free, and downloadable for offline playback.

In addition to these, access to Prime Reading is also provided, to read hundreds of eBooks and  Amazon Photos for free, digital storage space on Amazon Drive to upload free and unlimited photos, and up to 5GB for videos.