Invest in real estate with Recrowd’s lending crowdfunding

Discover real estate crowdlending with returns up to 13%.

 Investing in real estate often requires the use of large capital and the subsequent active management of the property involved in the transaction. For this reason, generally, only a small part of the population can access this attractive, but the complex type of investment.


However, thanks to the lending crowdfunding applied to the Real Estate sector, it is possible to solve these problems and, more specifically, to participate in an investment project even with low amounts of money, delegating the management of the property to the promoter.


Recrowd, the Italian platform specialized in real estate crowdlending, allows you to choose investments starting from 250 euros and which ensure returns with a rate between 7-9% (for the Relax category) and 10-13% (for the Exclusive category) ).


The company, which operates as an agent of the French payment institution Lemon Way, has already exceeded € 2 million in funding, collecting loans from leading companies such as Esperia Investor, Money, G RENT, and Brera contract, consolidating the business well beyond the initial startup phase, which in any case received recognition among the 8 innovative Milanese startups from SpeedMiup, the Bocconi incubator, in 2019.


Investing in Recrowd has three main advantages:


  • security, thanks to an intermediary activity authorized by the Bank of France and in agreement with Lemon Way, a payment institution; 
  • convenience, because interest rates are higher than those offered on average by credit institutions. Furthermore, each project has its dedicated page with business plans, documents, and detailed information, with maximum transparency to ensure informed choices;
  • simplicity, because you just need to subscribe to the platform (completely free of charge ) and, once you have chosen the project, pay by credit card or online bank transfer. Subsequently, it is possible to follow the progress of the project directly from the platform with all the details of the companies financed.