How To Get a High Score in IELTS In One Month?

Today many students desire to study abroad. They look for the best colleges in various countries and make efforts to get admission. During this process, some candidates forget to fulfill the long list of pre-requisites and end up with last-minute preparations. Well! If you are one of them who missed looking for IELTS compulsion, we are here to help you. Even if you have a month left to prepare for the IELTS exam, our guide will help you manage and prepare to crack the IELTS exam.

Certain universities look forward to language proficiency test scores to get an idea of the candidate’s ability to read, write & speak English and whether he/she can survive in a different country without facing communication issues. There are also many IELTS Institute in Kharar that can help with preparations, rest follow our guide if you just need a plan for one month.

Perform online language proficiency tests to get an accurate figure as to where you stand. If you score Band 6.0 – 6.5, you need to work on your techniques and practice daily. However, if you score below 6, we recommend joining IELTS Classes in Kharar. The experts will create a daily study plan to get the score you need.

One needs to master all four sections, including Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking to score band (7– 7.5). Follow some of the below-listed tips for the one-month study plan.

Writing Vs Reading

We all have, at some point or the other have tried reading novels or books. All you need to do is work a bit more on it. You can be good at the reading section, if you read more newspapers, magazines, or novels before sleeping. But, writing is something that needs practice and devotion. Rather than focusing more on reading skills, we recommend shortlisting a few topics from last year’s IELTS test papers and try writing on them. Pick a topic each day and cross-check with Online IELTS Essay Checker tools. It will help you get an idea of whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

Improve Grammar

There are online tools that pinpoint grammatical mistakes. Copy-paste your scripted essay on these tools and monitor your grammatical errors. Find the right thing and apply it to your next essay when practicing. If you will work on this, you’ll make it and score good grades in IELTS. The better you frame your sentences, the easier it will be for the examiner to decide your communication skills.

Work on Listening and Speaking skills simultaneously Try talking more in English, watch English movies or series, improve vocabulary, read English newspapers. These are a few habits that can help improve your Listening and Speaking skills.