The Wedding Make-up Trends Each Bride Needs to Know

There is so much that goes into planning your wedding – The Venue, Photographer, Flowers, Dress, etc. When it comes time to consider what you want your wedding makeup looks to be for the big day, there is so much to consider about. Not to bring up the countless photos on Pinterest, Instagram, and Google. Are you confused about where to begin? No worries, our wedding makeup artists in Penrith are here to assist you!

When considering what fashion of makeup you are going for, the way that you communicate to your makeup artist is essential. Having photos of inspiration is a great starting point, but also knowing what you want and using the right terms to describe it with our artists will lend to the success of the look. 

Our  are here to help! We have broken down top 3 trending wedding makeup looks to help narrow down the look you want and be able to convert that to our artist. 

Trending Wedding Makeup Looks According To Our Wedding Makeup Artists Penrith!


For ladies who want to enhance their natural beauty, keeping your makeup look effortless is the way to go. Generally, brides ask at beauty salon in Penrith, but knowing what natural makeup means to an artist vs. you is very significant. Coming prepared with photos is beneficial. When this makeup look is requested, it also supports having a photo of yourself with everyday makeup done. This way, it gives your artist an estimate of what you’re used to – if anything at all.

When a natural makeup look is requested our experts, advise airbrush foundation as it tends to look more like your natural skin and is lightweight while still giving excellent exposure. When requesting this look from your artist, it is helpful to use explanatory words like; fresh, glow, not overdone me but somewhat enhanced.


We love this look for brides who want to have an allusion to glam, but not that too much. This type of makeup look is best for customers who want more than their regular day look but still would like to look different. For us, what makes a look romantic is adding lashes and a slight hint of smokiness to the shadow. This makeup works for any type of location or time of year. When requesting this look from our artists at beauty salon in Penrith, it is cooperative to use expressive words like; average spicy, natural glam, romantic.


Glam makeup looks are best for clients who love to wear makeup on a daily basis and want to make a high-end entrance with their look. If you’re bearing this look, you can count on a bold lip, a smokey eye, some contouring (or sculpting, which we prefer to name it), and of course, eyelashes! We typically see brides request this type of look if they have a fall, winter, or evening wedding, but the Glam bride can astound this look any period if she wants. When requesting this look from our artists at Penrith, it supports using expressive words like; sassy, sexy, and bold. 

No matter what makeup style you select, make sure it makes you feel like your most beautiful self.

One last piece of advice from our wedding makeup artists in Penrith is that when you are looking for insight images, any image you find online is possibly edited. Some more, some less, but they are all edited. It is also an excellent thought to find photos where the individual has similar features to you. Having realistic prospects not only sets you up for success but your artist as well.