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In order to cook flavourful, delicious, and tasty foods, you need calcium-free water. Calcium water ruins the taste of cooked food. It might be time to switch to a calcium-free water filtration system if you’re having difficulty retaining your food’s authentic flavor. Please share this article with your friends!   

The modern cooking artist prefers water that does not contain unnecessary ions. It’s a cooking tip that’s been kept secret for ages by renowned chefs. Among health-conscious people, calcium-free drinking water is also common.

Over-involvement of calcium in the water may be a growing concern. Our bodies need calcium. Water is not our main source of calcium.

Our daily calcium requirement is 1000mg. The calcium content of soft water is 60mg/L. Thus, it is irrational to use water as a source of calcium, because it can damage the kidneys and heart in the long run.

We have done a deep research and collect three best water filters for limescale. So let’s get started!

Best Water Filters For Limescale

1. Epic Pure Water Filter 

If you’re looking for a water pitcher filter that will remove calcium, then look no further! The Epic Pure pitcher filter has a dynamic size, is easy to handle, and removes calcium, magnesium, and other heavy metals with greater precision.

Minimal Space Requirement:

Anywhere in the room can be used as a water filter pitcher with the Epic pure glass water filter. Having a size of 10 * 6 * 10 inches, it can be placed on the table or in the kitchen cabinet. It weighs 2 pounds.

Fluoride water filter:

Using a 6mm thick solid carbon block system, the filtration unit eliminates fluoride from water. It continues to purify water with the same efficiency.  

Remove Water Hardness: 

Each and every heavy metal can be efficiently removed. The calcium removing efficiency of the water filter is rigorously tested by a third party and the filter is approved for maintaining NSF/ANSI standards. It’s an excellent water filter pitcher.

Chemicals and Ion remover: 

It is highly effective at removing fluorides, bromodichloromethane, calcium, lead, iron, trihalomethanes, and chromium 6. 

Filter Change Indicator: 

The filter life counter will alert you when it is time to change the filters. The LED indicator will count down from 90 days. The spare filter is readily available and easy to replace. The indicator system is also similar to the PUR filter in coffee makers.

BPA-free Construction:

BPA or any other harmful materials are not present in this Water Filter Pitcher. It is made of food-grade materials.

2- HardLess NG3 Whole House Water Filter 

Our first choice is Israel’s National pride winner (2017) HardIess NG3 whole house water filter and water conditioner. You can keep your whole house free of scale and have soft water at every faucet with this small, inexpensive, and compact water filter. 

It removes limescale, sediment, rust, chlorine, and other contaminants from water using a 5-stage chemical tree filtration process.

Who is it for: Hardless NG3 is best suited for people who live in cities and use pre-filtered water from a water treatment plant. Because private well-water contains a wide variety of impurities, we do not recommend using it with well-water.

Do You need assistance to install the NG3? 

The Hardless NG3 all-in-one water filter is compact, allowing it to be installed inside or outside the house. It weighs only a few pounds and does not require any professional installation. This water softener does not require electricity or continuous maintenance, unlike bulky salt-based water softeners.

It comes pre-installed with a water filter cartridge and a post-filter. Connect it to your main water line and you are ready to go. The NG3 team will take care of your water quality and safety without breaking the bank.

How does Hardless NG3 Provide Soft Water?

NG3 whole house water filter uses a 5-stage filtration process. Water is filtered from the moment it enters the filter.

In Stage 1, a TIL ROD redirects and forces the water through all the cartridges inside the filter. PHOS Crystal cartridges soften hard water at stage 2 by modifying the molecular structure of its minerals and ions. This prevents limescale build-up. 

A 25-micron stainless steel mesh filter removes a significant amount of debris, rust, and sand from the water.

3. Culligan WH-HD200-C

The Culligan WH-HD200-C is the ideal solution if you need limescale treatment for your entire house. The most incredible whole house water filter manufacturer in the world is Culligan. Here’s what you need to know:

Efficient Reducer

The whole house water filter can reduce sediment, dirt, coarse particles, and odor. Heavy metals can be reduced from raw water with its proven efficiency.

Filtered water won’t damage the inner workings of a coffee maker. You will increase the longevity of your kitchen utensils if you use filtrate water to clean them.

Superior interior & exterior design: 

Flow of water is controlled by bypass valves inside the filter, and conjugated brackets ensure smooth operation. Furthermore, the filter change indicator notifies the user when it is time to change the filter. The timer is powered by batteries.

Durable Construction: 

This whole house water filtration system will amaze you with its durability. In addition to durability, the water filter is made with food-grade materials. The connector is made of stainless steel.

Best for Small Residence:

When you install it in your home, you are guaranteed to have safe and clean water for years to come. With its reasonable price, the installation will protect other home appliances from scaling.


The whole house filter model is certified by WQA authority NSF/ANSI code 372, which stands for low lead compliance. NSF/ANSI code 42, which governs material protection and structural integrity. 

Compatible with various replaceable cartridges

The model’s filter cartridge is compatible with a wide range of Culligan filter cartridges. Here are some compatible cartridge numbers: RFC-BBSA, CW25-BBS, R50-BBSA, and CW5-BBS.

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