Follow these 5 yoga asana to grow or lengthen hair faster

Due to problems like hair fall, hair fall, dandruff, etc., the length of the hair stops. Yoga is very helpful for increasing the length of the hair. Hair growth is accelerated by doing yoga. Along with this, the problem of hair fall is also removed through yoga. Doing yoga improves blood circulation in the head and nourishes the hair roots, so these yoga asana are beneficial for long hair.

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1. Padahastasana Yoga Asana

This asana strengthens the hair roots. At the same time, it brings shine to our hair. By doing this asana every day, the length of the hair will increase. By doing this asana, the blood of the body has to be brought towards the head, due to which the problems of hair are reduced. Reduces Dandruff.

Way of doing

  • Stand on the middle part of the mat by joining both the feet.
  • While inhaling, raise both your hands towards the sky.
  • Slightly pull the stomach in and straighten the waist.
  • While exhaling, hold the toes of the feet touching the upper part of the body with the hands.
  • In this yoga asana, the head remains down towards the ground.
  • Hold 30 to 35 seconds in this posture. If you feel more stretch in the legs, then do it with a slight bend in your knees.
  • While inhaling, bring the hands towards the sky and bring your hands back to the state of mindfulness.
  • Take a rest for some time.


2. Ustrasana Yoga Asana

By doing this asana, there is blood circulation in the head. Due to which the roots of the hair become strong and the length of the hair increases. At the same time, it increases oxygen in our body. Doing Ustrasana in the right way gives proper benefits.

Way of doing

  • Bend both the knees and sit on the toes.
  • Keep both the hands on the waist. While inhaling, stand on your knees.
  • Make a gap between both the knees equal to the shoulder.
  • While inhaling, take both the hands towards the sky and try to hold your heels one by one.
  • Exhale slowly and come back.
  • Hold 30 seconds in this posture.


  • When you are doing Ustrasana, do not keep your hair tied. Keep them open.
  • People who have joint pain, severe back pain or frozen shoulder problem, then they should do this asana carefully or under someone’s direction.


3. Parvatasana Yoga Asana

By doing this asana, our memory capacity increases. Also it is a very good posture for the length of our hair. This asana is very good for those people who have dandruff problems. This asana strengthens our shoulders. This asana also strengthens our digestive system. Even when our digestion is not good, we can have hair fall. So by doing this asana, digestion is also fine and hair too.

How to do:

  • Bend both your legs and sit on your toes, the heels will be on the outside.
  • Gently place both your hands on the ground in front, open the fingers.
  • Slowly raising the knees, both the toes will remain on the ground. Now this shape will look like some mountain.
  • While doing this asana, keep in mind that your stomach should remain slightly inwards.
  • Hold 15-20 seconds in this posture. If you’re just starting out, stop for 5 seconds.
  • Gently plant your knees on the ground. And there, rest for a while.
  • Caution
  • People who have frozen shoulders or cervical cancer should do this asana under someone’s guidance.

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4. Mandukasana Yoga Asana

This posture will put pressure on your stomach and there will be a balance of hormones in the body. Doing this daily will bring shine to the face and hair. By doing this asana, our blood flows towards the face, due to which there is also a glow on the face. It activates all the glands in our head. Due to which your hormones are also balanced and you feel relaxed. This asana removes the fatigue of the head. It is also beneficial in the problem of headache. This asana is very good for hair growth. Mandukasana also removes the problem of hair fall.

Way of doing

  • Bend both the legs and sit in Vajrasana.
  • Keep the waist straight. While inhaling, take both your hands towards the sky and while exhaling, make fists with both your hands. In this, your thumb will be on the inside.
  • Keep that part next to your navel from where your thumb starts.
  • Put the forehead part on the ground.


5. Vajrasana Yoga Asana

Vajrasana increases blood circulation in the upper part of the waist. At the same time, it increases the energy level. This asana improves digestion. If your stomach is fine then your hair problems will also be less. If you do this asana regularly for 3-4 months then your hair fall problem will end. This asana strengthens our waist.

Way of doing

  • Bend both your knees and sit on the toes, keeping your ankles out.
  • Left thumb will be on top of the right thumb.
  • Place both your hands on your knees.
  • Straighten the waist while pulling it upwards towards the sky.
  • In this posture take 25-30 long deep breaths in and out.
  • Keep in mind that while inhaling, expand your chest area.
  • Sit in this posture according to your capacity. And open both the legs and straighten them. Take a rest for some time.
  • All these asanas improve the circulation of blood in the head, due to which the hair roots are nourished, and hair growth takes place.