Benefits of doing Tulasana and the right way

You all must know how important it is to do yoga and exercise to stay healthy. There are many such yoga asanas about which we hardly know. Have you ever heard of Tulasana? If not, then through this article we will tell you about some health benefits of Tulasana and how to do this asana. Actually, this asana proves to be very helpful for making your arms, legs and hips strong. By doing this asana, apart from removing your digestive problems, there is strength in the arms, arms and muscles around the hips. It also reacts to the burning of extra fat from your body. Let us know about some of the benefits and ways of doing Tulasana.


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1. Helps in Insomnia

Tulasana also proves effective in giving you restful sleep. Insomnia is no less than a problem in today’s time. By doing Tulasana, you burn more calories. It makes you tired quickly, although by doing this your stamina boosts and muscles relax. Regular practice of this for about 10 minutes can put an end to your insomnia problem and you get a restful sleep.


2. Improves Blood Circulation

To keep the body healthy, it is necessary to have blood circulation in all parts of the body. Poor blood flow in the body not only causes discoloration of the skin but also slows down the energy level. By doing Tulasana, there is a smooth flow of blood in the areas around the abdomen and hip. By doing this asana, there is mainly pressure on your hips, due to which the flow of blood in the pelvic area increases. Not only this, the muscles of your hips are also strengthened by the practice of this asana.


3. Makes Shoulders and Arms Strong

Practicing Tulasana mainly strengthens your shoulders and arms. Actually, while doing Tulasana, all your weight is on your shoulders and arms, due to which the muscle tissue gets activated and the muscles get stretched and strengthened. If you do this asana regularly for some time, then it also generates your triceps. Also the hands get a better grip.


4. Improves Digestion

If you have digestive problems then you can do this asana. It responds quickly to problems happening in your abdominal pain and digestive system. At the same time, along with improving the muscles around your abdomen, it also improves blood circulation in the abdominal area. Not only this, it also reduces your weight as well as burns the extra fat stored in the body.


Way to do Tulasana

  • Tulasana is quite easy to do, but it is better if done with a little care.
  • To do Tulasana, first sit in the position of Padmasana.
  • While sitting in this position, take a long deep breath.
  • Now while emphasizing on your hands, lift your hips upwards. In this position, your legs should be bent and raised in line with the hips.
  • Now hold this posture for about 3 seconds.
  • Your Tulasana posture is ready.
  • Practicing Tulasana is very beneficial for health. You can practice it by the methods given in this article.