Refurbished products in Mexico, everything you need to know

People who make occasional purchases in online stores or physical stores have already found reconditioned products, in many cases the stores may even have a special section or area with very varied merchandise, however, there may be many doubts regarding the quality of the equipment.

There are several names to find them, they can be reconditioned or rebuilt products , it will actually mean the same thing. These are products that cannot be considered as new , and may present a problem as small as a blow to a box, or something much more advanced, such as an internal error that has already been solved for proper operation.

But there are many variables with these products, so it will be very interesting to analyze all the options before making an expense. Here we clarify the most important doubts on the subject.

What does PROFECO say about reconditioned products?

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office indicates that devices in these conditions must have a label on the packaging that indicates that the product is reconditioned so that it is not tried to sell as a new item at the regular price, in addition to making the conditions clear to the customer. of the product you will buy. This indicates article 39 of the Federal Consumer Law:

When products with any deficiency, used or rebuilt, are sold to the public, such circumstances must be clearly and precisely warned the consumer and stated on the goods, wrapping, delivery notes or corresponding invoices.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of these products?

The first advantage and possibly the greatest attraction is the price since they usually present a significant discount that can range from 10% to 40% in many of their cases. A store that has many products like this is Walmart , among the best known we have the Xbox One and Xbox 360 that we can usually find in any physical store, at the time they also sold reconditioned Nintendo consoles with the first 3DS model and the Wii U in white.

In the case of the consoles, they were reconditioned by the technical service of Microsoft Mexico and Latamel respectively, offering the proper functioning of the devices, in aesthetic matters they did not find problems either, in reality, they passed as a new product, if not by the label on its packaging.

However, there are other types of products, and we are going with a clear example, the HTC M8 that we can find in Amazon Mexico. In the title it is mentioned that it is reconditioned, it has its accessories and original packaging, but the mention is made that it is Class A, according to the MeQuedaUno store it is second-hand equipment with the change of all parts for original parts, In a few words, used equipment with original parts, but we mention that particular product since it has two reviews, one indicates that it came in poor condition and without a manual, while the second comments that it worked well, until realizing that it did not come unlocked.

Products reconditioned by the manufacturer must indicate it on the packaging

Two completely different cases with two different stores, the mandatory recommendation will always be to request reports, in the case of internet sites we can contact customer service, which will have the necessary information to resolve those doubts.

For example, Amazon Spain has a section in which they explain a little how reconditioned products work in their store and the different characteristics, whether it is actually new, or it comes second-hand, making it clear that the product has no flaws. , but we could find them in their packaging or manuals.

In the case of Linio, there are also descriptions on these products, depending on the conditions in which they are found, we find a Galaxy S6 Edge in which it is indicated that it may arrive with signs of use and slight aesthetic wear, although there may also be the possibility that it comes in perfect aesthetic condition.

And how do guarantees work?

The guarantees are a subject similar to the previous one, they will depend on many factors, the most important will be to know that it is reconditioned by the manufacturer since there are cases where the reconstruction is done by a third party and that will not be recommended at all, since we will not be able to have the safety of the parts that are used and many companies will no longer be held responsible.

In most cases, manufacturer-reconditioned products do offer a warranty, but this is typically not that great. The normal thing is that the products have 12 months, but in these cases, it could be reduced by half. Here it is very important to know the products, since there may be some that present many problems, although it is possible that the reconditioned versions come with the manufacturing problem solved so that they last much longer.

In general, it is a great option, from the economic point of view and in its operation, we only have to be aware of the risks that they can carry: such as a blow or a packaging that is not in the best conditions. There will also be products that it is recommended to get as new, an example is the cameras as they could have wear that is seen after a few years of use. But in general, most stores offer the necessary information to feel calm.