5 watts (and 1 hour) of content marketing

I want to win increased brand awareness and tons of new leads without spending just a penny in paid advertising?

Before shaking your head and dismissing an idea as impossible, consider a test.

Shutterstock released its annual Creative Trends infographic on January 15th. Look.

content marketing builds brand awareness

The infographics are filled to the brim with technical imagery, contemporary music, and amazing video clips. Their so cool received:

  • 54 backlinks
  • 4,194 social events
  • 10,900 total commitments
  • All in just four months!

So what did Shutterstock pay for this massive brand awareness?

Not a penny

All they did was create this brilliant content and publish it for everyone to see.

Big news? You can also achieve their amazing success.

All you need comes down to two words: content marketing.

Let’s take a look at how this is done!

5 Ws and 1H of content marketing

These six elements explain the basics of successful content marketing.

W # 1: What – What is Content Marketing?

Here’s a quick definition of content marketing:

‚ÄúContent marketing is strategic marketing based on the creation and distribution of relevant content aimed at improving the lives of users. Their ultimate goals are to position the brand as an authority, build trust and drive profitable user action. ”

For an example, see this letter from Ramit Sethi.

content marketing by email

The email contains a link to a free 30-minute workshop.

He doesn’t sell anything. This is not a paid advertisement.

But does three things:

  • He teaches people how to write outstanding email.
  • Promote brand awareness.
  • This establishes Ramit Sethi as an authority in the industry.

Users who watch and love the workshop are one step closer to purchasing Ramit products.

This is how amazing content marketing is done!

W # 2: why? Why Content Marketing?

But why should you do content marketing instead of advertising?

If you have a large company with a huge amount of resources, you will not get the best results from payment for promotions?

Amazing answer Not,

Here’s the proof:

In addition, people today do not want to feel “sold out” or “closed.”

They want to collect information, enjoy free value, and then choose the brand that gives them the most meaningful experience.

W # 3: where – where to do content marketing

The number 1 place for content marketing is on your own website.

What for?

Because your site your own content house,

Take this letter from Rori Raye’s. Have the relationship you want as an example.

targeted content marketing

This letter works because it is addressed to a specific person: a woman who is heartbroken and confused about her relationship.

It is not for:

  • Individual
  • Women in happy relationships
  • Male

Sending it to them would be a waste of time.

Also, write general content designed to appeal to the whole world ultimately appeals to No oneImage credits

All screenshots taken by the author, April 2020