Neither coconut oil nor carrot, the real trick to tanning is

Get tanned skin in the shortest time possible. That is the longing of many people precisely when we have already welcomed the summer. With the holidays already on the horizon, we want to do everything possible to reach our goal with a good tone in our skin, but, yes, avoiding risks. For this reason, we wanted to investigate the ingredients that help us achieve a faster golden tone and maintain it. And we find them both in the active ingredients of cosmetic products and in some foods in our diet, as the experts confirm. 

Have you heard of tyrosine?

Tanning accelerators are applied the days before sun exposure to activate the natural synthesis of melanin in the skin. This increase in melanin makes the tan faster and generally more homogeneous. They usually contain as active tyrosine, an amino acid substrate for the synthesis of melanin “, tells us Natalia Zawierta, dermatologist and cosmetic advisor at the International Dermatological Clinic, who explains that” extracts of carrot, green walnut shell and citrus are also used. in addition to active moisturizing principles such as sorbitol, propylene glycol and almond oils, avocado, aloe vera, allantoin and d-panthenol (vitamin B5) that enhance tanning ”. It is there, then, where one of our first ‘star ingredients’ comes into play , tyrosine., about which our expert Meritxell Martí also tells us, who gives us the first clue about where to find it: “L-tyrosine is an amino acid precursor to melanin and is usually included in lotions to stimulate tanning. An oil rich in this amino acid is avocado ”. Meritxell also explains that “melanin is formed in cells called melanocytes, by transforming L-tyrosine, so a supplement of it will improve its production and stimulate tanning.” But where can we find this amino acid? As our collaborator explains, tyrosine is mainly found in dairy, rice and corn. There are cosmetics that include it among their active ingredients , such as E’lifexir Skin Cinnamon , theTanning SPF15 Activator of Melanin by Anne Möller or Tanning Accelerator by María D’Uol. 

Caffeine also in solar formulas

In the components of many of the foods in our daily diet we can find, it is demonstrated, properties that help us to enhance the tan. Pedro Catalá, cosmetologist and founder of Twelve Beauty, also tells us about other ingredients that, in addition to protecting our skin in a natural way, can help to achieve faster and maintain a tanned tone. “Although in no case do they replace natural or synthetic sunscreens, many green conscience firms use  these ingredients to reduce the amount of chemical filters present in their suns and achieve the desired SPF number”, he tells us. Specifically, he talks about raspberries, caffeine and walnuts, all three capable of stimulating the production of melanin. It clarifies that its way of acting is similar to that of pharmacy capsules that enhance tanning.

-Strawberry: Pedro Catalá tells us that some European universities have created a tool that tests the resistance of strawberry extract to the sun, comparing it to 90 minutes of sun exposure on the French Riviera.

-Walnut. Walnut shell oil protects the skin against UVB radiation while helping to produce more melanin. Perfect for those with fair and sensitive skin.

-Caffeine. Although it is only associated with body or hair care, caffeine is entering the field of sun care for its recently demonstrated action in eliminating cells damaged by the sun.

From gazpacho to apricot, your best allies

In addition to this asset, there are many other ingredients in our diet that can help us achieve the desired tan. “When the summer season arrives, we begin to talk about what ingredients in our diet help us achieve a more intense and long-lasting tan . Fortunately, the well-known carrot and coconut lotions seem to be a thing of the past because they do not have enough protection to guarantee the health of the skin and preserve its youth. If we want to enhance our tan, without dispensing with our sunscreen, we can add fruit and vegetables rich in beta-carotene such as carrots, squash, artichokes, apricots, spinach, goji berries or tomatoes to our diet.Beta-carotenes help the skin to tan from the inside, stimulating melanin and achieving the long-awaited, beautiful and long-lasting tan of the summer ”, tells us Myriam Yébenes, director of the Maribel Yébenes Institute. Our expert, Meritxell Martí, agrees with her, who tells us that carotenes are our best allies to stimulate tanning, “but within them you have those that also carry a lot of vitamin C, such as apricots.” 

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