Classes and Types of Rats

Although we all have an idea of ​​what a rat is like, what we do not know is that there are between 56 and 65 different species. Two of them, the brown rat and the black rat, are the most widespread worldwide and we can find them mainly in the urban environment, well, they are among us and they are just as cosmopolitan.

These types of rats have reached every corner along with our evolution, that is, at the same time that we traveled from one place to another on land, rivers and seas, we took these rodents with us. Thanks to their ability to adapt, they have been able to develop and grow in populations anywhere in the world.

Needless to say, without being aware of it, we carried numerous diseases with them; with a single bite of this animal and you could go to the other neighborhood without knowing it, in less time than you imagine. Today we are aware of any disease linked to rats, so we are 100% prepared for contact with one of these mammals.

These animals in either case are cared for and pampered like the one that has a dog, or a rabbit. Rats that have been bred in captivity have been trained in an easy way since it is a very intelligent species, they learn many things, they always look for the easiest way to reach their goal.

The reliability and level of danger in terms of disease transmission depends on the number of generations existing between the current domestic rat and the first wild rat.

As we have already said there are many types of rats but the fastest way to distinguish them for us is between domestic rats and urban rats , although it is true that within each one there is always its species.

Domestic rats

Laboratory rat: As its name indicates, these rodents are used in scientific research. Its origin comes from the previous ones already mentioned, the domestic ones.

Urban Rats

To put aside the sweet and beautiful appearance of these animals, we will begin to talk about the true face of rats, nothing to do with the previous ones, although they share genetics.

  • Black rat  (Rattus rattus) or field rat: it is a rodent that comes from the forest of Southeast Asia, that is why they like to make burrows in dry places. Once he has chosen the place, it is difficult for him to leave it.
  • Brown rat ( Rattus norvegicus ) or sewer rat: they also come from the fields of Asia, which after arriving in Europe reach the cities.

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